We should all be happy


Where we stand with this whole happiness issue…. The quest for happiness is one of those human cliches, like the search for love or fame. If you Google “quotes on happiness” there are nearly 40 million search results, all with some sense of truth from lives past and present. So if we have been searching […]

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The tooth that got away


When I was small I was told that the tooth fairy and sometimes our Zulu tooth mouse (my mother’s creation), who lived in the basement, would come and fetch my fallen teeth during the night in exchange for a small amount of money. As most children do, I truly believed in this for a long […]

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Changing Direction

moving forward

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I thought I knew what I wanted from life and was planning to do everything in my capacity to ensure that I reached my goals. I had an undying love for music, I lived it, breathed it and dreamed of it, and nobody really told […]

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Dealing with Conflict


Life can be great and full of smiles, but unfortunately there are also times when you are faced with moments of conflict, whether it be between you and your best friend, between family members (these moments tend to happen more often when you are younger), or at work, they are all highly uncomfortable. Being someone […]

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