May 22, 2016

Things you only learn when you’re all grown up


Looking up to the tall ones….

When I was a youngster, I always wanted to grow up.I used to look at and admire how adults had all the freedom to do exactly what they want, say what they want, and be who they want without having to explain anything to anyone. And if someone had something to say, the lines “sorry” or in extreme cases “what do you care, this is my life” seemed to fix things momentarily. It’s not like you could force a fellow adult to change their lives,  unless they wanted to. If you’re a teenager and you say “this is my life, leave me alone” it just does’t work the same way, because mommy and daddy are still looking after you. Tough luck!

Hindsight is 20/20, (unless your eyes got worse)…

So here I am all grown up (sadly mot so much in the height department) and I cannot believe how wrong I was about this grown-up business. We like to believe that we are free, but actually we are just part of a different system; one where bosses, jobs, debts and pressure to reach goals of your own (and sometimes others) have taken the place of parents and school.Yes, we can choose to do what we want and be who we want, but these choices always have consequences and sometimes the consequences are so inconvenient that we decide to follow orders or suck ass (excuse the vulgarity of that statement, but there’s just no better way to state such a demeaning act) every now and then, even if it goes against each and every single grain of our bodies . Strangely enough we also tend to criticize those who decide to go against the stream and live lives out of the system, often stating that they “need to grow up”. People are so wierd!


Sometimes we wish we could just be like cats….

Tips to help you along the way….

Since I recently reached the big 25 , I feel that I am now officially a grown up woman and I have been wondering if there is perhaps a happy medium to all this adulting. Is there maybe a way that we can uphold our moral standards and the standard of living that we want at the same time. Is there a level of freedom that can be attained whilst being part of the system?

So far, I have realized that there is a whole lot of compromise that needs to be done on a daily basis to get by peacefully, whether it is changing what you buy to save money, changing the way you do things to make other people happy or just changing the direction that your life is moving in to make yourself happy. The important thing is that when we compromise we need to make sure that it is for a good reason.If you feel that your compromises are  like pennies falling into a bottomless jug that never seems to give you any pennies back, I suggest that you take your pennies elsewhere. This rule should count for all aspects of your life, and I think that if we all compromise for the right reason, there should be some sense of freedom too.We should also never forget to have fun and appreciate those who care for us,because it is important to remember that life is there to be enjoyed.

I’m still quite new to this whole business, but maybe this approach works? I guess that all we can do is wait and see! 🙂

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