May 17, 2016

Why you should take up Sewing


Last Christmas I got one of the best presents ever from my mom and boyfriend, something that I have wanted for a very, very long time;a sewing machine. I grew up with my mother being able to sew us any garment that our hearts desired and have always admired the fact that she only wore clothes that she made for herself.  Who needs to buy clothes if you can make them exactly how you want them to be?

My clothing dilemma…

I have a rather petite frame (to put it lightly) and am only 5 foot tall, so getting clothes that actually fit me the way that they should has always been somewhat of a nightmare. Pants are too long, sleeves are too long and the skirts that are the right length are just too tight. Although I have gotten by these last 25 years by winging it and rolling things up, I think that it really shouldn’t be that way. You are supposed to wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and look like they were made for you, not for some tall person (I don’t hate you tall people, I’m just slightly jealous). The fact is that shop bought clothes are made for an imaginary person and the chances that everything will fit you perfectly are going to be slim.

Getting started…

Some of you might think that having a sewing machine is very old-school, but it really isn’t and it is extremely fun and rewarding to make your own clothes. All the clothing designers make their clothes with a sewing machine! You may be asking yourself if you have the skills to do it? Well, if you have some basic knowledge on how to use your machine (this can be found in an instruction manual) and how clothes are constructed (just look at your clothes to get an idea), the world is your playground. You could also sign up for some sewing lessons, I’m sure there would be one close to you, or use tutorials on YouTube to get your facts straight and get some great ideas.

The many, many benefits….

Think about this for a second, once you have your sewing skills sorted you will be wearing outfits that nobody else has! Last time I checked that’s what most of us strive for. You will never walk in at a party with someone wearing the same dress as you ever again! You will also find that the quality of your clothes are much higher ,whilst the cost of making them is much lower (who would complain about that?). If you’re a creative soul and have a passion for fashion I think that sewing will be a great hobby for you, and you will have so many wonderful clothes to show for it. Luckily the basic machines themselves are not expensive, so I dare you to try it and see if you like being a seamstress as much as I do 😉

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