May 6, 2016

A letter to my mom for Mother’s Day


Seeing that it is Mother’s Day on Sunday I feel compelled to write something about my mother. Mom, this is for you 🙂

It is strange how life works and how the way you see and think about things changes as we grow up. When we are tiny tots, we love our moms like they are the only person in the world, how wonderful it must feel to have such undying adoration from a little person, but when we reach the horrible years of teendom  it’s like a light goes off in a room and you have to start feeling your way through confusion, peer pressure and hormones, and somehow your mom gets in the way because just does not understand you (so you think), resulting in heads being bumped and toes being stepped on ever so often. Mom, I know I wasn’t always the easiest of people, but I think you handled me pretty well, I don’t think you could have done it better actually. You let me make my own mistakes and put things right when I was wrong, I think that this must have been hard for you, but also went the extra kilometer to make me happy.

After gaining some experience in the art of “adulting” I have also realized how crazy some of my expectations were and would just like to show my apreciation. Thank you for putting your life on the line to drive me and my friend to a party in a storm with bad wipers and candles for lights on the car, I realized how bad this was only when I had to drive through rain like that myself (sorry). Thank you for dropping me off at places for which I didn’t have the correct address and directions, even though you hated getting lost. I will never forget those conversations, “Marianne, what is the address?”, “It should be in this street, I think?” followed by more driving “No, wait mom I think it is the white house on the corner?”  followed by more driving and rising frustration and never ending lostness, but we always eventually found it in the end  😉 . Thank you for looking after me when I was so very sick, I don’t know what I would have done without you, really. Thank you for making me the coolest outfits to play in, Mom Designs were the best and no other kids in my class had them! Thank you for making the effort to take me to endless sessions of pottery, dancing and music lessons, it gave me so much joy and shaped the person that I am today.

We have fun together, so much fun, which I wouldn’t exchange for anything in this world.

Now that I’m all grown up I appreciate you even more, because I feel that I know you more as a person and you are my best friend in the whole world. You support me and help me when I’m in need of advice, as well as show me what it means to be a woman. We have fun together, so much fun, which I wouldn’t exchange for anything in this world. I am so proud of  having you as my mom and I hope that our friendship will be long and happy, just like it is now. I love you to the moon and back!






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