May 3, 2016

Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes


Have you ever wondered if men and woman actually have different brains? From the moment that we can talk and understand language we are taught that men and woman do specific things, and most parents try to help their children conform to the accepted ideas of being a boy or a girl. In the same way we are taught to think about things in certain ways, for example that girls should not show their nipples (by the way,why is this? they look exactly the same? ), and that boys should not be sensitive and talk about their feelings too often because they might seem gay (which is also just a load of bulls$!t). People are always making jokes like ” men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them” ,”men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues” and saying things like “women talk too much”, “they are too sensitive”,…the list of stereotypes can go on for eternity. The thing is that yes, some of these stereotypes do hold some truth, but that does not mean that it applies to all people of a certain sex, and as a society we have changed tremendously since these sayings were created.

To start off with, women are no longer just “domestic executives” that are purely there to flutter their eyes, look pretty and breed. We are no longer restricted to choosing between becoming a housekeeper, secretary,seamstress or typist. We have equal rights and equal opportunities, for the most part, and we should never fall into the trap of trying to fit into a stereotype. Men still have pretty much all the same rights and opportunities that they had before, except when it comes to playing the roles of women in the theater (it was regarded too unladylike for women to act until 1660), so the only thing that has changed is that they have some good competition now.

So how do we go about breaking down these ghastly stereotypical misconceptions? As women we should make a point of teaching men that they can be soft and that they can feel safe if they are not sporty or into booze. Having said this, men should also try to get with the times, and I think for the most part they are, except for the odd one out here and there that is generally from the older generations, bless their souls. I think that they sometimes wonder if women have turned mad with all this new found power .

Anyway, to get back to where we started, about our biological compositions. It has now been scientifically proven through a study that there is in fact not a stereotypical men’s and women’s brain, instead we all have a mixture of the characteristics that are associated with having the brain of a man or a woman. Each of us are different and we should therefore take pride in it, and stop trying to be something or someone that we are not. We should also stop categorizing other people, rather give them a chance to be themselves. 🙂

Check out this funny clip on men and women’s brains,which as you now know is not completely true :

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