April 28, 2016

Love at the First Bite


As a part of my job I need to keep myself on top of the new trends in marketing and this can sometimes be tiring, but also provides me with so much joy when I stumble upon a real gem. Yesterday on my search for new ideas I found an article on a new campaign by Knorr (that company that makes basically all of the sauces and seasonings that we use) called #LoveAtFirstTaste. It basically touches on the fact that people tend to get along better when they have shared interests, and in this case the focus is on food. Mmmmmmmm that thing that makes the world go round (for me none the less) and that all people need and generally love!

Have you ever noticed that the first thing that you do when you meet someone for the first time is to try and find some topics that you can both talk about? The worst coffee date ever is when you are uhmming and aahing, because you have nothing to say to the other person and degrade yourself to talking about the weather (which could be interesting, but generally it’s more in the line of “wow I really love the rain”, “yeah, yeah, it’s so refreshing”)….I’d rather just go home actually.  And if you are both just not on the same level, you would probably not make the effort of seeing each other again. So what Knorr basically did was to pair strangers up according to their taste in food, and surprised them by telling them that they had to feed each other. Could you imagine how awkward that must be!? Taking the fork full of spaghetti, leaning over the table clumsily and placing the food in some one’s mouth that you hardly know. I guess it’s also a good icebreaker and gets you to cross that physical boundary, and for those girls who might have an issue with eating in front of a guy on the first date, you would probably have to get over that preeeeeetty much instantly too 😉 The amazing part of this experiment is that one couple actually did find love and are still dating now!

Do yourself a favour and watch this, I promise that it’s worth it 🙂



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